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Daniel MadlungAs a musician and artist i am living and work in Dresden. On my search for experimental electronic techno music that began in the late nineties, I have begun to listen to minimal deep house records. The tracks were reduced, pixelated and almost edgy and cool. If I will listen to this stuff today, i quickly realized why nobody was dancing on these records 10 years before. Many labels no longer exist today and unfortunately left a lot of inspiration and my record collection full of deep minimal music, which I still play today in my DJ sets.

My sound has become a mixture of Deep House and Minimal House . Timeless, dirty , elegant and hypnotic music is the sound I hang up . Seemingly never-ending loops and hypnotic subjects morphing into each other , that’s my hang up the idea and so I feel most comfortable. The simplicity of Oldschool House and Detroittechno inspired me in every piece of what I do.

The sound that interests me should have this vintage character. I put a lot of emphasis on the groove and love these great chord sounds resonating spaces. I prefer Ableton for producing and a handful of analog gear.

My lovely wife Mandy Jordan and i startet the label “Vekton Musik” in 2007, later “Vee Recordings” and 2013 the sublabel “Vekton Black”. We closed Vee Recordings in 2011. The music we do is deephouse, house, dubtechno, whatever… We focus on music that makes us dance with groove and attitude.

I am working with mandy as coproducer and i do tracks in collaboration with friends… Since now i made a lot of music, do premastering for some artists and play livesets or deejaysets on several events here in germany or some places in europe…

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My collaborations since 2013 with Mandy Jordan as Dandytracks, with Adrian Garza as Darian and with Johannes Retschke as Daniel Madlung & Johannes Retschke.

Daniel Madlung also known as Terrik Mode till 2011, Exec Bat till 2008

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